Chameleon Remote

Completely manage your "Chameleon Green" hardware remotely*

+ consult data from its 8 separate inputs, to which you can connect temperature or light sensors, motion detectors, switches, engines, machinery and many other kind of devices you need to monitor, even being at a great distance.

+ control its 10 separate outputs, which you can use to command lights, air conditioners, heaters, engines, any kind of device you need to remotely control. The sky is the limit!

You can control it being in the same WI-FI network, or even from far away using your vpn connection.

Buying this awesome app you'll get:
+ The astonishing power to control your hardware remotely using this gorgeous and functional universal app.
+ no ads
+ no "hidden" fees
+ forever free updates (new functions, future iOS devices, etc...)

*Chameleon device sold separately

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Video Demo

Here’s the Chameleon Remote app in action!